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Our office represents corporations, LLC’s, partnerships and LLP’s in all legal matters from inception to dissolution, including all matters in between. Whether you need help incorporating a corporation or an LLC, starting up a general partnership or an LLP or need our law office to draft corporate/partnership documents, the Law Offices of Brian D. Solomon can help. Our office is well equipped to represent our clients with respect to the following legal issues:

  • Control and ownership issues, including drafting, revising and negotiating shareholder (for corporations) & member (for LLC’s) agreements, and drafting, revising and negotiating partnership agreements . A shareholder/membership agreement is imperative for any business entity, regardless of how “friendly” the owners are, and a partnership agreement is imperative for any partnership, regardless of how “friendly” the partners are. Generally a shareholder/membership agreement tries to resolve disputes before they arise, including detailing the profit/loss distribution from the business and setting out in writing all other issues, including what happens in case of dissolution or bankruptcy.
  • Drafting, reviewing and amending bylaws, articles of incorporation, articles of organization,   certificates of limited partnership, certificates of registration and other legal documents.
  • Obtaining legal authority for out-of-state entities/partnerships to do business in NY and for NY entities/ partnerships to do business in other states.
  • Incorporation of general partnerships, sole proprietorships and other business entities.
  • Converting a “general partnership” into an LLP, LLC, PLLC, Corporation or other business entity.
  • Shareholder, member and management disputes and enforcement of shareholder rights.
  • Dissolution of corporations, LLC’s, partnerships and other business entities.
  • Disputes between partners and enforcement of partner rights.
  • Advising on director, officer, shareholder/member liability and partner liability.



Our office assists business entities and individual shareholders, members and partners in structuring, negotiating and implementing a wide variety of business transactions in a broad range of industries. We understand the legal issues facing business entities and business owners and are well equipped to represent our clients in the areas listed below. Please click on the link below for a detailed description of each practice area.